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iSystemsNow Awarded Contract for Harrisburg International Airport Re-Capitalization | ISN
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iSystemsNow Awarded Contract for Harrisburg International Airport Re-Capitalization

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014

iSystemsNow is very pleased to announced that we have successfully partnered with G&S Airport Conveyor, to be awarded the contract for the upcoming EDS re-capitalization project at the Harrisburg International Airport.  This project will involve the replacement of three legacy L3 eXaminer Explosive Detection Machines, and replacing them with two new L3 eXaminer 6700 machines.  The new machines not only have new technologies to allow for faster and more efficient processing of baggage, but will also move the communication protocol for the control system interface over to the new TSA IRD compliant protocol.

Harrisburg International Airport

In addition to re-capitalizing the EDS machines, the TSA Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA) will be modernized to bring HIA in line with new in-line systems being designed and deployed today.  We are very excited to be kicking off this project and look forward to another outstanding delivery of HIA, the TSA and our partners.

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