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iSystemsNow can guide you through your IT implementation roadmap.

Technology Assessments

Our goal is to help customers reach their maximum potential when it comes to business operational efficiency. For them to do that, a company should have a well thought out IT strategy to make sure that technology is enhancing their ability to perform on the job, not hindering it. We will interview key individuals across various roles in your organization to identify areas that could use improvement and others that are already efficient. By doing this we can get a solid grasp on key organizational goals for the foreseeable future that will allow us to provide a clear strategy that outlines how to get there.

Planning a Roadmap

There are always varying solutions to the problems that you may be facing day to day. We help bring those ideas to the forefront, making them easy to understand so you can make informed technology investment decisions. Whether it be consolidating information across different software platforms, or streamlining client and operational information, we are able to highlight the pros and cons of different solutions and provide our expert opinions. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the sales pitches and abundance of data that comes with them, we help you cut through the fluff and get right to the bottom line. Once you have made a decision that determines which direction you are headed with your organizations IT, we will work with you to develop actionable plans and roadmaps to help you stay organized and on track with your upgrades.

Building a Solution

Developing software is one of our many strengths. We understand the software development lifecycle and can manage projects to keep them under budget and on time. We can help your organization to create business requirements during the detailed design phase, write a functional specification that outlines the scope of a project, or develop/test/deploy the entire solution ourselves. We take pride in understanding what the right solution for your business is and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your solution.

Supporting Your Business

Maintaining a strong customer relationship is important to us. We make sure that every solution we deploy can be monitored remotely 24/7. If there are unexpected issues we can access your system to diagnose the problem and provide a solution. This level of service provides you with performance, security, and reliability for your applications.

Legacy System Modernization

Older systems will eventually become obsolete and need to be modernized or overhauled to be compatible with newer technologies. This can be a daunting task, and many organization do not have the internal resources to dedicate the time and effort to such a project. Knowing that your system has worked for years, you may initially be uneasy about updating core business processes and the data that comes along with it, but sticking with your old system creates more complexities and issues with obsolescense the longer you delay the upgrade. We understand these concerns and follow a structured methodology to mitigate risk and organizational impact throughout the upgrade cycle. We have experience knowing when the right time to execute this upgrade, and will make sure to get you up and running quickly with your new system.

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