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iSystemsNow has the software and controls experience to improve your manufacturing process.

MES Solutions

Manufacturing Execution Systems are used in the manufacturing industry to provide information to decision makers of a plant so they can run efficiently. It sits between an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the PLC control systems layer in a traditional manufacturing facility. In its simplest form, an MES is a data collection and reporting tool where you can visualize plant wide information over a web application. It includes functionality such as scheduling, process management, quality management, and material tracking. Those companies who implement MES can reduce their manufacturing cycle time, data entry, and paperwork by a considerable amount; while also increasing overall product quality by reducing defects and flaws. MES provides a means to address some of the track and trace and genealogy regulatory requirements that must be adhered to. ISN is able to work with your corporation to implement an MES roadmap that unique to your production processes. When implementing an MES solution, these areas will be typically addressed:

  • Management of Product Definitions
  • Resource Management
  • Scheduling
  • Production Order Dispatching and Execution
  • Data Collection
  • Production Performance Analysis
  • Production Track & Trace

Manufacturing Execution System Layer Explanation


Manufacturers in the automotive industry are facing new and pressing challenges. Increasing competition, safety requirements, and environmental commitments all contribute to the need to invest in technology and advanced manufacturing techniques. ISN is able to help your company retrofit old assembly lines or build brand new production systems. We know that all project requirements are unique, but so are our solutions. From up front conceptual design to installation and start-up support, we are able to provide a turn-key solution to meet your needs. We work with tier 1 and 2 automotive OEMs who supply vehicle parts to major automotive suppliers and assembly lines. In each project we apply out best practices in project management, PLC controls development, and software engineering to ensure the project remains on time and on budget. We are able to improve your time to market and reduce production costs of your facility.

A growing requirement in the automotive sector is implementing track and trace ability on individual parts throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process. ISN has the cross-discipline skill sets required to develop and deploy the software based solutions for back and front end track and trace search, as well as the PLC controls and electrical engineering expertise to work the new scan touch points into your existing production facilities.

Automotive Nissan Leaf Car

Food & Beverage

It is critical for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to ensure the safety of their products. Stringent policies are in place to ensure that all elements and ingredients that go into an end product are tracked and traced. Automating and adding robotics in food and beverage facilities can create vast production improvements that widen traditionally thin profit margins. FDA regulations, food safety, operational issues, security, and staffing are all good reasons to start thinking about applying advanced manufacturing techniques to parts of your process. By implementing vision systems and other automation techniques into assembly lines, technology can detect what humans may have missed. Whether that be to detect bad quality food product or some other part of the process, those who choose to invest in technology are seeing significant benefits over their competitors. We've seen all sectors deploying some form of automation which includes food ingredients, beverage/brewing, agriculture, and baking. Some of the specific applications where our services could be beneficial are listed below:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Product Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Product Movement Solutions
  • Mixing
  • ASRS
  • Automated Dryer Control Systems
  • Automated Truck Loading Systems

Automated Bottling System (Public Domain Image - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USMC-090428-M-2360J-002.jpg

Consumer Products

The consumer products industry has to continually adapt to changing customer demands. Manufacturing processes need to be flexible and time-to-market needs to be minimal so that they can satisfy consumer demand. Some of the other challenges that organizations face are shrinking operating margins, a global economy, and increased pressure from regulatory bodies. ISN is able to implement SCADA and MES solutions that help executive leadership teams drive bottom-line growth. Other services that we are able to provide includes HMI development for real-time operations, electrical design, and control system solutions.

General Process Control

Our electrical and controls teams have brought ISN expertise to the manufacturing world through implementing process control algorithms for fully automated manufacturing plants. We possess the instrumentation knowledge required to architect, design and tune the required network of feedback devices used to control ever important mixture and flow rates demanded of a manufacturing environment. Our SCADA experience also allows us to build user friendly control interfaces for your in-house processes engineering team, as well as industry leading data analysis tools.

Manufacturing Feeding Drum

Manufacturing Automated Dryer Controls

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