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iSystemsNow can provide baggage handling consulting and professional services for your BHS projects.

We're Plugged In 

ISN is plugged into what it takes to get your airport baggage related operations up and running on the right foot. Whether it is designing a new baggage handling system from scratch, or upgrading your existing system to leverage the latest technologies, the best performing systems are the ones that have a clear vision at the design phase as to how the software and controls will perform at the end. We have participated on design teams, provided system modeling assumptions and descriptions of operations, and performed constructability reviews for some of the largest baggage handling systems in North America. Don't just get a newer system, get an Intelligent System.

Why Us?

ISN has been a part of the design and review teams on many large airport baggage handling projects across North America for airports. Our goal is to bring focus on the software and controls which will impact the operation of the system as early as possible in the design effort. Our experience has allowed us to push the realistic thresholds of what can be expected out of a mainline, a diverter or a screening machine. Setting realistic expectations of a control system up front will help ensure a satisfied end user after everything is all said and done.

When Should You Engage Us?

Engage us for the following to ensure your next system is an Intelligent System:

  • Full System Simulation
  • Methods, Assumptions and Performance Specification
  • Design Review
  • Conceptual Design Analysis
  • BHS Specification Review

As legacy systems come due for upgrades and modifications, a detailed BHS process study and control system audit can help determine areas of your system which would most benefit from modernization or modifications. We have worked closely with airlines and airports throughout the last 5 years to study systems coming up for upgrades, to get the best bang for the owner’s buck.

Review Services

Bring us onto your review team for the following services:

  • Control System Audit
  • BHS Study and Report
  • Design Review
  • Management Information System Reporting Review
  • Network Architecture Audit

Control Solutions

Airport Baggage Handling System Carousel

Simply put, ISN knows Baggage Handling Systems. Our teams have worked with our OEM partners to deliver electrical design, controls integration and supervisory software for some of the largest airport bag rooms in North America.

Everything starts with architecting an electrical and controls solution that takes advantages of all the technological advances our equipment vendors have been working so hard at, year in and year out. Recently, we worked hand in hand with SEW to architect an electrical and controls system for a bag room that takes the distributed design approach to the next level. This technique results in energy savings, further standardization on drive packages, and simplified installation.

Our standard baggage handling system PLC code has been tested, and performed, to adhere to the latest PGDS standards put forth by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We are actively involved with industry experts to ensure our code standards are compliant with the latest benchmarks in the airport world.

Our PLC code base is built upon the vendor neutral TCP/IP communication interface, allowing us to interact with virtually any SCADA or HMI software package. Our code development is completely automated; we generate database creation scripts, completed PLC code, and the HMI application from a single motor manifest. It has been thoroughly tested to:

  • Reduce scan time
  • Reduce overhead communication with external HMIs and SCADA
  • Allow up to 250 conveyors controlled from a single PLC


The goal of emulation is to verify and test an automated system before ever setting foot into a customer's facility. The modelling software's job is to render the bag movements and virtual environments using real physics, while the linked PLC control software initiates I/Os and hardware decisions in real time. This allows the control software to be fully tested in an office setting before it is shipped to site. With emulation as part of our project lifecycle, we are able to detect bottlenecks and discover issues in an office environment rather than on the job site. We can save time debugging code, and also pass on cost savings to our customers. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

BHS Now Software

Each baggage handling system needs a front end user interface to monitor and manage the overall system. ISN has developed the BHS Now Management Studio. BHS Now is a combination of software programs and services that enables you to efficiently run a baggage handling system. It sorts bags, annunciates alarms, reports on data, and allows you to configure your BHS. It does this through communicating with the PLCs that control the system via TCP/IP protocol and stores your data in a relational database management system (RDBMS). Our studio supports the MSSQL and MySQL platforms, and has been built to be modular such that it is easily integrated with virtually any existing database platform. The management studio was developed using a combination of Java, Node.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of it's functions and features are listed below:


  • Alarm Handling
  • Bag Tracking
  • Bag Sorting
  • Data Extraction
  • System Configuration
  • Interfaces with 3rd Party Systems
  • Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Real Time Dashboarding


  • Predictive Maintenance Tasks
  • Informative Baggage Search
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Dynamic Report Filtering
  • Generate and Print PDFs or CSV Files
  • Real Time Dashboard with KPIs
  • Instant Messaging
  • BHS Now Flight Scheduling Screenshot.
  • BHS Now Ad Hoc Reports Screenshot.
  • BHS Now Dashboard and KPIs Screenshot.
  • BHS Now Real Time Search Screenshot.
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