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Control Systems


An exceptionally functioning control system is key to the success of any complex automated system. At ISN we have developed project execution best practices which emphasize rigorous and strenuous testing of any automated systems deployed, so that only the best is put live to your operational system.

Our Services

Our team has deployed many automated control systems in the material handling industry over the past decade. This time and experience has allowed us to develop our best practices and project methodology, but at the end of the day, we firmly believe that a well-oiled automated control system comes down to one main thing, Testing, Testing... And more Testing!

No matter what platform our vendor neutral teams are deploying your industry leading software solutions on, you can be sure that every aspect of the controls and operation will have been rigorously tested under every conceivable scenario. Our standing orders are test to fail, not test to pass, because only testing a system to try to break it will bring to light every possible issue before we hand it over to the operations team.

We will happily bring our control system development and deployment expertise to any industry sector. Our approach of full system in-house emulation testing applies to any application.

Rockwell Automation System Integrator Program

iSystemsNow is part of the Rockwell Automation System Integrator Program.Many of our systems are built using Rockwell technology. We are proud to be part of the Rockwell Automation System Integrator Program so that we can provide industrial automation controls solutions to make our customers more productive. ISN has vested many hours understanding the Rockwell Software platform and continues to integrate their newest Allen-Bradley automation components to provide a stable integrated control system.

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