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We Want You!

ISN is looking for engineers, designers and developers that like to approach problems differently and think creatively. We don’t want to solve every problem the same way that has always been done, but we want to push the boundaries of what is possible, we want to leverage emerging technologies and redefine the industrial world we work in. Remember, at ISN we firmly believe that EVERYTHING is Possible.

Positions Available

Software Developer

Do you want to understand how the world REALLY works? Let us show you. We are looking for talented software developers who can solve the world's most difficult industrial and logistical challenges, all in real-time. Our software needs to be lightning fast, our data integrity needs to be rock solid, and our minds need to be creative. This job entails the following requirements:

  • Proficiency in modern web development (Node.js, HTML5, CSS, Javascript/Typescript, jQuery, IIS, Apache, Angular)
  • Experience architecting and developing databases (MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Fluency in Java and C# programming languages
  • A BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Android, iOS, or other mobile development frameworks
  • Experience working with automated systems is a plus
  • Passion for understanding how stuff is made

Electrical/Controls Developer

If you get excited by PID loops, feedback sensors and relay driven outputs, we have just the opportunity for you. We are looking for experienced electrical and controls system designers to deploy complex automated systems. Our diverse fields of work will give you insight into how the gears of industry turn, and you will be at the wheel. We do everything from designing the electrical panels, to developing and deploying the PLC code which controls all aspects of a process. Those who can create a solid code base using creative approaches to controller programming should apply. This job entails the following requirements:

  • Proficiency in PLC programming (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider)
  • A BS/MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience designing to CSA/NEC standards
  • Driven to understand how systems work

How to Apply

To apply, send your resume to: info@isntech.com

iSystemsNow slogan.  We believe that everything is possible.