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iSystemsNow Performs System Integration at FSD | ISN
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iSystemsNow Performs System Integration at FSD

Posted by admin on May 20, 2014

iSystemsNow is pleased to announce that it has integrated its 10th and 11th Explosive Dectection System Machines for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport in South Dakota.  The X-Ray machines passed iSAT testing and were recommended to go live last week by the Transportation Security Administration.  This machine upgrade will allow a higher volume of bags to be processed at the airport and also lead to a more reliable passenger experience.

Sioux Falls Airport

In-line EDS Machine implementation is a small part of a larger service offering that iSystemsNow provides from its BHS Now Systems Integration package.  This package involves the design, engineering, emulation, deployment, and management of a complete automated airport baggage handling system.  It allows passengers to drop their bag on a conveyor system and have it automatically routed to their plane safely and efficiently.

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