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Quality is Verifying and Validating
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Quality is Verifying and Validating

Posted by admin on July 5, 2022

To deliver seamless reliability of controls and related functions, quality requirements and checks to ensure both are essential.  Some do not understand there is a difference.  Validating the proposed solution will deliver as intended is as important as verifying the requirements are met and the solution is working.  It takes added time and attention to detail upfront, but reduces overall costs because it prevents project delays, downline mistakes, cost of implementation, and impact to the baggage handling operation post implementation.   Going beyond mitigating risk, the ISN Technologies strategy to quality based on delivering verified and valid solutions at each step of the process is reflection of our service values.  Quality is not just a program or added phase.  For ISN Technologies, quality is within our culture, demonstrated in all we do, and a natural dimension of our provided solution.  It is also another factor why our clients become true partners.  Want to know more?  www.ISNTech.com or contact an ISN industry professional info@isntech.com 


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