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Staying A Head of the Curve
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Staying A Head of the Curve

Posted by admin on July 25, 2022

Making everything possible means leading in new ways.  ISN Technologies is re-inventing what is possible.    It is not about yesterday’s proven requirements and past accomplishments.  It is about developing and implementing controls that are with an understanding of today’s needs and targeting tomorrow’s passenger travel expectations to define baggage service success.    As an example, understand what is happening with delayed baggage this summer.  In the post COVID world, controls need to deliver not only system reliability, but also leading productivity and information management that enables seamless air travel.  Without it, you can see the result.  It’s not about how fast you can react to mishandled baggage, it is about preventing them and not requiring added labor or other resources.   Old BHS control requirements were designed to accomplish yesterday’s needs.  At ISN Technologies, we understand it is not just a BHS, but how it is going to be utilized with significantly less labor and work within dynamic airline scheduling including cancelled or significantly delayed flights.  We are helping airports and airlines stay ahead of the curve with leading controls innovation that prevents this from happening to you.   Contact one of our industry professionals at info@isntech.com  and see the difference.  


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